South Burnett Karate Association Inc.
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South Burnett Karate Association Inc.

grass roots sporting organisation

1. Providing a unique curriculum for children and parents to support reinforcement of traditional family values, such as discipline and respect, which are important in every child’s educations and upbringing. 2. To promote an “it’s more than exercise, it’s a way of life” outlook through health, fitness, mind-set improving physical, emotional and mental health through schools and the community abroad. 3. To assist with funding for karate practitioners who wish to train and/or compete intrastate, interstate and overseas. Funding would assist in the areas of travel, entry fees, accommodation, and meal expenses. 4. To provide equipment and a safe training environment for students of karate who wish to expand their skills. 5. To assist with funding of Training, Education and Qualifications to Officials, Referees and Competitors through upskilling, refresher courses and coaching. 6. To assist in the promotion of goodwill, values and benefits of Health, Fitness and Nutrition for people in the South Burnett looking for physical and mental development of all ages.

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Address: 11 King Street, Nanango, Qld 4610

Phone: 0437770595